Our History

NeHOA was formed in August, 1976 by a dedicated group of Mopar enthusiasts to coordinate activities within the National Hemi Owners Association (NHOA), Region 1. The founders of the club were Boone Reichart, Mike Petersen, Anatol Vasiliev, Chuck Travelbee, Rick Larsen, Harland Avezzi and Jim Lusk.

It was decided that the club should be independent for the protection of members and to be able to carry on business; and so the club was incorporated in Delaware in 1977.

Soon many non-Hemi Mopar owners became interested in the NeHOA, and the club evolved to its present status as one of the longest-lived, strongest Chrysler clubs in the country.


The NeHOA is run by three officers who serve three-year terms and five appointed officers. Overseeing these operations is a board of five Directors who are elected to five-year, staggered terms. The activites of the club center around two large meets held each year over the Memorial and Labor Day weekends. In addition, the club usually has a presence at several other large car shows including The All-Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle. While you are there be sure to stop by our club tent and say “hi” and check out our merchandise.

The large meets are centered around family-oriented activities such as tourist attractions, historical sites, vehicle plant tours, picnics, banquets, amusement areas, etc.


No competition events are scheduled, like judging or racing, although where it is convenient, a drag race facility is made available for members who want to exercise their “beasts.” Holiday weekend activities usually start Friday night and run through Sunday.